SwissPac Philippines manufacture premium quality Three side seal bags, its also popular as Flat pouch in Philippines.
This type of packaging is one of the most popular bags for ease of use, used in packing a large number of products such as:
  • Pet Food Packaging
  • Packaging cosmetics
  • Packaging of food products
  • Coffee and tea packaging
  • Packaging organic products
  • Frozen Packaging
  • Cheese Packaging
  • Packaging of sugar and many other products

Three Side Seal Bags

Three Side Seal Bags

Three Side Seal Bags

Three Side Seal Bags

The three-sided seal bags are also called plastic bags. The shape of the bag will look distinct because it is made of strong materials that keep the product longer and is welded from both sides and a third solder at the bottom or top according to your request and suitable for the shape of your products.

We offer in two options, pre-fabricated bags or stock products and bags with logo printing or custom products design for your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have design or have an old design and want to change, we provide you with this service. You can add properties to draw the customer’s attention and to give the product a better shape and ease of use:

You can add a zipper :

Euro slots can be added (to hang the bags instead of placing them on the shelves). A transparent window can be added so that customers can see the product.

1gm Silver Three Side Seal Bags

1gm Green Three Side Seal Bags

3 gm green three side seal bags

1 gm Gold three side seal bags